Differentiator toolbox

Here you can download available versions of the differentiator block. The zip file includes Simulink block diagrams for several MATLAB/Simulink versions and a very simple description explaining the usage of the block.

Versions to download

V 1 | June, 2016 | differentiator.zip

V 2 | July, 2018 | differentiator.zip

V 3 | March, 2021 | differentiator.zip



Please do not hesitate to contact Markus Reichhartinger if

  • you do not find a version of the toolbox which works for your Matlab/Simulink verison.
  • you would like to have a version which also  support automatic code generation.


Please honor our work!

If you use toolbox version V 1 please cite:

  • Markus Reichhartinger, Sarah Spurgeon, Martin Forstinger, Martin Wipfler: A Robust Exact Differentiator Toolbox for Matlab/Simulink, 20th IFAC World Congress, Toulouse, France, 2017

If you use toolbox version V 2 please cite:

  • Markus Reichhartinger, Stefan Koch, Helmut Niederwieser, Sarah Spurgeon: The Robust Exact Differentiator Toolbox: Improved Discrete-Time Realization, 15th International Workshop on Variable Structure Systems and Sliding Mode Control, Graz, Austria, 2018

 If you use toolbox version V 3 please cite:

  • Benedikt Andritsch, Martin Horn, Stefan Koch, Helmut Niederwieser, Maximilian Wetzlinger, Markus Reichhartinger: The Robust Exact Differentiator Toolbox revisited: Filtering and Discretization Features, IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics, Kashiwa, Japan, 2021


License information

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

Transformation algorithm for disturbed LTI MIMO systems into a observability normal form

The algorithm is implemented as a Matlab function which can be downloaded here. We have published a paper explaining the theory the algorithm relies on, you can find it here.

It is an accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in International Journal of Systems Science on 06 Apr 2022, available at: https://doi.org/10.1080/00207721.2022.2046201.